You’re trapped in a room! Time is running out… Find the clues. Solve the puzzles. Can you escape?


Our Games

Get Off the Hooke

A time machine has crash landed on Robert Hooke in the year 1672, right before he invented the first acoustic phone. Our precious cell phones are now in danger of being erased!

Can you reverse time and help save Mr. Hooke and our phones?

Now available for VIRTUAL bookings!

Escape the Break Room

You’re working frantically to finish those TPS reports before the next board meeting. You grab a snack from the break room and find yourself trapped in a conversation with Chatty Cathy, the office gossip. The meeting is in 1 hour.

Will you shut her up or will you let her talk and risk being fired?!

Now available for on-site bookings!

Escape the Dorm Room

It’s final exams week.You pull an all-nighter and wake up from a serious caffeine crash. In your haze, you find yourself locked in your dorm room. Your final exam is in one hour.

Will you make it out or will you miss the exam and fail the class?!

Now available for on-site bookings!

  • My boyfriend and I absolutely loved it. The staff was so sweet!

    — Sydney D. —
  • I loved it!! Who knew I could hack a combination lock?!?

    — Thania S. —
  • I really loved it. I’ll have to go again with someone not my husband, he was absolutely no help but we had a blast anyway!

    — Katerina A. —
  • I enjoyed it. It was so much fun! Definitely great for team building workshops!

    — Laleeta B. —
  • Excellent puzzles, perfect difficulty, and the best price!

    — Scott S. —
  • What a fun experience! Well organized and challenging! It was even fun for my ten year old! I can’t wait to do a Vroom Room again!

    — Twyla W. —
  • It’s nice to have an escape room experience brought to you. It was challenging and fun…and the staff were great!

    — William R. —
  • That was the most invigorating exercise I have done in a LONNNNG time! It was mind boggling, a lot of thinking outside of the box……and an adventure all rolled into one! Way to go team!

    — Renee B. —
  • I had a GREAT time. It was my first escape room experience but it won’t be the last. Made it out of the dorm room – next, the break room!

    — LaJauna B. —
  • It was super fun and the time passed so quickly! Great opportunity for a team-bonding activity or just having fun with your friends!

    — Anthony T. —
  • Had a great time! A fun night for those who are CSI junkies!

    — Annette B. —

What are Escape Games?

Originating from Asian point-and-click computer games, real life escape rooms have made their way to the top of America’s ‘things to do’ list. For some odd reason, you and your team find yourselves trapped in a room. You must work together to find clues, crack codes, and use random objects to complete challenges and solve puzzles. The puzzles will lead to a way out of the room.

You must escape within 60 minutes or face an impending doom!

What's a Vroom Vroom?

The brainchild of two Georgia Tech alums, Vroom Vroom Escape Room is Atlanta’s first mobile escape room. We come to you! Don’t worry about coordinating schedules or arranging transportation. Just give us a buzz and we’ll set up a game at your office, school, hotel, kitchen, whatever. We use our props to transform your space into a fully fledged escape room!

Vroom is the perfect solution for Atlanta area businesses looking for on-site, out of the box team building!

Who's Escaping?

There’s always a reason to play

Group Outings

Can your squad prevail in a test of wits?? Let’s go dream team. Be the ball!

Team Building

In the beginning, there were trust falls. Save your back. Escape the room!

Date Night

When ‘Netflix and Chill’ is too last year, here’s a better way to stimulate bae!

Good to Know’s

According to the state police and the Humane Society: “No you cannot lock them in. What is wrong with you??” So no, we don’t really lock you in. But the illusion of being locked is part of the thrill of the game.
Our games are designed to be played best with about 10 people on a team. Too many players will have people twiddling their thumbs, and too few players may have people pulling out their hairs.
Stop reading and go book a game right now. Still here?? Somebody just took your spot! You should’ve listened. Seriously, the campus and festival games fill up pretty fast. Walk-ups are permitted if space is available, but that rarely happens. Online booking is the way to go.
Private event booking fees average about $45 per person. Fill out the contact section below to get a quick quote. Bookings at our campus tours are always a reduced price. We were students once so we know the struggle. You do not have to be a student to receive the campus discount.
Unfortunately, our games are non-refundable and non-transferable. If you don’t show up on time for your game, consider your fee a donation for the greater good of humanity. The world thanks you! Private events have a separate cancellation policy.
No, you don’t have to be a student to play. We welcome (and challenge!) all faculty, staff, and alumni. The general public is also welcome. This escape room is for everybody!
Nope, not at all. If you have a fairly empty space about the size of a bedroom, we can come out and set up a game. Parties, summer camps, cabin trips, and just because, are all great reasons to book a Vroom Room!
You don’t need any special clothing or prior knowledge to escape. We suggest wearing your finest play clothes and playing a few online escape games beforehand to get an idea.
If you reserve all spots, then your team will have a private game. Otherwise, you might play the game with some new friends. Don’t fret though. If one of them is named Sherlock, then you’re in luck!
No need to worry. Our game masters will be watching your every move, and will provide you with enough hints to keep the game going and ensure a grand ole time!
Since our escape rate is around 15%, you will get bragging rights for years to come! We can’t stress enough how important this is when you’re trying to win an argument. You will also receive a small commemorative gift to show off every chance you get.


4 out of 5 CEOs recommend escape rooms for a team-building event!

That fifth guy? He’s still recovering from the whiplash he got at Whirlyball.

Vroom Vroom Escape Room is the perfect solution for engaging your team with a fun, effective, and low-impact bonding experience. Employees can develop their group problem-solving skills in an exciting environment that caters to all physical levels and abilities. This team-building event is guaranteed to be raved about for months to come.

Don’t stress over bringing everyone out! Just give us a call and we’ll do the rest!

We bring the games to your office, outing, or retreat.

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Solve problems as a unit


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